Just Another Pop Discourse: Britney Spears

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So much to talk about, so little time.

Let’s get the biggies out-of-the-way. This is going to be a series of posts, so I’m starting with the closest to my pop-cultured heart.


Ok, girl. I’m going to break it down right now for you. Anyone who knows me knows I have nothing but unwavering, unadulterated love for Britney Spears. A long-time fan, I’ve followed her through her highest highs and lowest lows. I empathized with her maternal and mental health issues, and celebrated her when she reclaimed the pole position on music charts around the world.  Her dancing is once again on point, and the lavish praises for her Vegas show are unanimous. I believed in the ‘Holy Spear-It” through and through.

But things have changed. For starters, her team seems to have decided to move into a more urban, hip-hop feel for her newest album “Glory”. Now, I don’t know how to make this more abundantly clear, but I will try. Britney rose to fame because of her fun, cheesy, and catchy pop songs. Her growls when enunciating the words “baby” and “me” were catchy and endearing, and sort of funny. People liked it. So when the corny “Make Me” was released, I thought to myself, why are these label execs trying to make Britney compete with the vapid Justin Bieber’s and bland Selena Gomez’s of the world? People don’t look to Britney to keep up with the current musical trends of the time. They just want a hard, sing-along-y, entertaining pop song. Why is this so hard to understand? Why can’t people just be allowed to keep doing what they’re good at? I sincerely doubt that Britney is holding business meetings to veer into different facets of the music industry. The woman is singing her greatest hits night after night, for Pete’s sake. If she wanted to re-invent herself, wouldn’t she be playing more new music in her set?


Secondly…and I know this is a hard one to reconcile, but Britney has got to start singing. I mean, I know her vocals aren’t the strongest, but they’re certainly unique, and people like them. So why does she still lip sync to the high heavens? It was acceptable for a time because who could refute  the “I can’t sing live when I’m dancing so hard” argument, but come on, her dancing isn’t even that intense these days. Throw them vocals in is what I say.

Lastly, I’ve read this whole “Britney gets really anxious and nervous before a show” notion. Ok, I could totally appreciate that performing for the crowds of ‘famous’ people that consist of silicone and stupidity could indeed be nerve-wracking. But here’s an idea…don’t do it. Don’t put yourself into a situation that is uncomfortable, but also don’t say you get really anxious and nervous when you’re performing with reckless abandon night after night in Las Vegas. It’s insulting to your fans, Ms. Spears.


I like the “Glory” album. It’s fun, if not a bit incoherent. She’s singing again. I don’t know though if Britney is lazy, tired, or mentally unwell. It’s really none of my business. I do know that she’s capable, but not producing. If she’s tired, then take some time off. Money’s not an issue.

I may sound like a bitter, old crone, but I expect more. Yes, she’s sweet, and kind, and innocent. Yes she’s just a mom who loves her kids. But, girl, if you love your fans so much (and the Britney Army is certainly loyal), give them what they want, even if it’s just one really good video. It’s the least you could do.






While You Were Young

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In light of Rebel Wilson’s recent admission of lying about her age all of these years, this song came to mind immediately. It’s always a subtle reminder that the nostalgia of youth and the ‘good ol’ days’ are so pleasant because they were so long ago. I’m sure I’m not the only one who could definitively say that I wouldn’t want to relive them – it would take away from their sepia-toned beauty. Besides, there’s so much more to life than recanting past days. Don’t you agree?

In Defense of Britney

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Why is our instant reaction to feel embarrassed if we happen to like a Britney Spears song? Why do we have to pretend that we don’t secretly dance around to Brit Brit’s oft-robotic vocals, rhyming off all of the lyrics to every single song she’s ever released? What is with the stigma with actually liking Britney Spears?


In Defense of Hannah Horvath

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Now entering its fifth (!!!) season, HBO’s GIRLS is still as refreshing and whip smart as its original premiere back in 2012. The sustained level of coolness is thanks in no doubt to the multi-talented Lena Dunham whose aloofness is a very admirable quality. The depicted storylines of the four main, well, girls, are ones that are so seldom seen on television, let alone premium cable. GIRLS is like a seedier, more urban Sex and the City, despite both shows being set in the same Gotham where dreams happen and are then typically broken. I concede that comparing SATC with GIRLS is like comparing apples to oranges, but they are indeed both equally acidic.

An Atypical Heroine

Donations In Honor of my Lovely Lisa

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It has been five months since the passing of my lovely sister, Lisa-Marie. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her infectious laugh and ever-honest presence.

This is exactly why I am participating in the Shoppers’ Drug Mart One Walk to Conquer Cancer on September 12, 2015 in Toronto.

Attached is a link if you care to donate, no matter how small or grand, as every contribution helps in raising awareness and to help conduct research into a cure for this unfathomably evil illness.

Thank you for my very core. And thank you from Lisa.




Random Musings

I’m currently at a standstill. Part of me wants to focus on getting PAGE-TURNER out there in the social media world (http://amzn.to/1AV0LxD) but another part of me (there are many parts, FYI) wants to focus on a new book. Suggestions, friends? Should I embrace the marketing world and get Darcy Platt visible in the non-physical world of posts and likes and kisses or whatever, or should I focus my energies on my tale?