Do you like Pinatas?

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Reading Other People does.

But you know what’s better than a Pinata? A custom-made one. Made by a woman with impossibly long nails and charisma up the wazoo.

An interview with the woman behind the magic of Your Pinata  is coming exclusively to Reading Other People later this week. But until then, we’ll be posting some of the artist’s works to get you excited. Trust us when we say that whatever you thought you knew about pinatas can be thrown out the window, because this lady is changing the classic Pinata perception, one piece of paper mache at a time.


Just Divine.


Getting into the Groove of Dream Work

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The following article has been contributed by the bright intuitive coach, Sonya Tomas. Read, and feel, on.

*   *   *

Cascading through a minimalist white house. Faceless creatures are clamouring over one another, reaching out for their vampire feast — me. I’m panicking and dodging their intention through cloud-coloured empty rooms. Every move feeling like a dead end. Spotting some exposed beams, I matrix my butt on top of one and feel safer, but doubtful as to how long I’ve got. Having watched the film The Faculty during a thirty-something going on thirteen gab fest with friends the night before, my REM sleep went to town that night on the horror genre. Substituting vampires for (spoiler alert) aliens the tone of my dream echoed the need to escape threatening humanly-challenged thingies.

Dreams are a treasure box of info giving us front row seats to our desires, fears, the repressed and overlooked bits of ourselves, and the unresolved situations that we are ignoring or in the midst of processing. Our dreams become a creative expression influenced by events, our inner knowing, guidance from our higher-self, and our ego. To paraphrase Carl Jung, dreams are a cocktail mix of our external and internal world.  My friends saw the same film I did, but I was the only one who dreamt of vampires that night.  Since we create the script, characters, props, and backdrop of our dreams, Fritz Perls, goes on to point out that dreams are projections based on our predispositions, feelings, experiences, and biases. So, every aspect of the dream is a reflection of a part of ourselves. Dream interpretation can be part of the process towards integrating the fragmented parts and be a motivator for action.

When interpreting dreams it can be easy to resist some aspects. When I took on the perspective of the vampire, I felt a void and loneliness, not malicious intent. This rang true to how I’ve felt in my waking life and its part of my own healing work. It’s precisely the spots that we want to avoid that provide the richest insights. I love interpreting my dreams because it connects me to me. I’ve also appreciated the support of using dream work as part of therapy.  Here are a couple of techniques for getting into the groove of dream interpretation:

  1. Remembering our dreams is the first step! Set the intention before going to bed to remember your dream. You can even ask the Universe to dream for your highest good and to remember your dreams in the morning.
  2. Dreams can fade fast, so keep a dream journal or your phone by your bedside to record as much as you can upon waking. Don’t worry about it making sense, just get it down.
  3. Retell the dream in the present moment. This helps to relive and connect with the feelings of the dream.
  4. Relive the dream from the perspective of the different props, cast and landscape. Consider the emotions and motivations of each character and object. We can discover what we haven’t totally owned in our waking hours from these different points of view.
  5. Your body can be part of dream interpretation too. Make a posture that exemplifies the overall tone of the dream.  Notice where in your body you’re relaxed or tense and what feelings come up.

Be kind with yourself. Dream work is insightful and eye-opening. Know its okay to seek out extra support for your dream work and what it brings to light.  Dreams edge us towards owning our truth. Blessings on your next REM cycle!

 * * *

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Sonya Tomas is an intuitive coach who enjoys helping others find the beat of their drum. She loves starting the mornings off with a dance party while looking for her hairbrush, followed by tea and a dose of news. An eternal student at heart, she’s embracing the art of progress not perfection. Having overcome her social media shyness, she’s now wondering what the fuss was all about!

Connect with her on her Facebook page or on Twitter @tomas_sonya.



A Pinata Party with the Spirited Meaghan Kennedy of Your Pinata

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I just love it when someone who is kind, generous, and good finds success in not only what they do, but who they are. Art and life can sometimes be incongruous, but when the fusion of creating something coalesces with true talent, anything can be possible. Just ask the raven-haired beauty with the crazy nails behind Your Pinata, the tremendously unique entity that can make a likeness of anything into a pinata. And I mean anything.

So, without further adue, here is my exclusive interview with Meaghan Kennedy, pinata savant and radiant beauty. And no, she didn’t pay me to say that. It’s just the truth.


Meaghan Kennedy, the Genius Behind All That Pinata-ness.

Reading Other People (ROP): I’ve known you a long time, and I know you’ve always been creative. Why pinatas? Why now?

Meaghan Kennedy (MK): We have known each other for ages! So rad! Pinatas started as a joke. I wanted to enter in a talent show and so I made a pinata of a pink poodle… it became an obsession quickly! So fun to smash all my hard work!

ROP: Your free spirit is something that makes you so memorable. How have you harnessed that openness to your art?

MK: That’s lovely, thank you:)

ROP: You’ve met some pretty famous people and gotten some pretty major exposure to Your Pinata. Who would you just love creating a Pinata for?

MK: The list is huge. So many people are inspiring to me. I made one for Trudeau during his election campaign, and I had always wanted to make one for John Waters and that happened last year.. I would love to make one for Mariah Carey, Britney, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are way rad. Anyone from daytime television. SO many crazy characters to smash (who wouldn’t want to hit Victor Newman?)!


The Artist at Work.

ROP: How would you describe your design aesthetic? Do you do a lot of pre-planning or do you like for the creation phase to be as organic as possible?

MK: I always try to connect with each client and give them a pinata that will really leave an impression. I think the big heads/small bodies are hilarious, they look like the person but not too much that you would get creeped out. I don’t do well with drawing so I tend to reference images and just get creative!

ROP: You’ve modelled, you’ve acted, you’ve DJ’ed..and now with your piñata, you are becoming an artistic tsunami. Do you have a favorite?

MK: Hehe, pinatas for sure! It’s the first time I feel like I am really great at something. Like I am making something special happen.

ROP: How do you decide who you’re going to design a Pinata for?

MK: Almost all my work is commission based, so the client decides what/who I am making. That being said, I make a lot of pinatas on my downtime, and I pick people who inspire me. I had the opportunity to see my idol John Waters last year, so I made him a pinata and showed up with it. He loved it and brought it up on stage with him to thank me. Pinch me!


Cry Baby Pinata from the John Waters Film

ROP: When you finally make that piñata for Britney Spears, can I come with you to Las Vegas to deliver it to her?

MK: YES!!! I still remember the big poster on your bedroom door at your mum’s place:)

ROP: Is there a time of day that you feel the most creative? What inspires you? Music? People? Feelings?

MK: Having worked retail for 15 years I have a big love for pop music and top 40 for when I need to keep energy up. I love me some Supertramp, Neil Young, Charles Bradley, Smashing Pumpkins.. I could listen to Britney/Mariah all day and be a happy girl! Wide range!

ROP: Have you ever declined a piñata order?



MK: Yes. Many times. I am not interested in making people you hate. Go smash a bottle against a wall. I declined several Stephen Harper pinatas, Trump, Rob Ford (I made one and it made me feel horrible looking at his ugly face for 3 days while making him.) I would so much rather make your mum or your boss! Life should be fun! Don’t waste your time on bullshit!

ROP: Amen to that, sister. Amen to that.

Read more about Your Pinata at, including instructions on how to get your own custom pinata.

Smash on.