Cozy “Winter”: Reviewing the 1st Gilmore Girls Revival Episode

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It’s no small secret that I have been eagerly awaiting the Gilmore Girls revival since it was announced earlier this year. In fact, to complete my due diligence in respecting this incredible tv show, I’ve watched the ENTIRE SEASON. That’s right – from beginning to end. Not one episode missed, not even during that dreadful Season 7.

With the release of “A Year in the Life” I’ve decided to take my time and not binge on these scarce number of episodes. Instead, I’m watching one episode every couple of days, letting it marinate, and then posting my online review. Let’s see if I can stay true to my goal.

So, let’s get to that first episode, shall we? Spoilers aplenty, obviously.

The decision to start with the Winter season is just perfect. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with some of TV’s favorite characters during a time in which good cheer prevails, alongside copious amounts of food eating and sometimes garish decorations adorning the homes of the inhabitants of Stars’ Hollow (see Lorelai’s house).

Cutting Catastrophe

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I didn’t know why but Sharon Hogan’s face was so familiar to me. I then remembered instantly after a quick google search – she was the caustic lady from Pulling, the criminally underrated UK comedy series that aired a few years back. Her character in her new television show, Catastrophe (which I hardcore binged on) is not too unlike her role as Donna in Pulling. Sharing the same name as her character in Catastrophe, Sharon Horgan brings a prompt accessibility to her role, and a likewise disdain for her character’s sometimes questionable actions. This show is so not afraid to go there.

Catastrophe Official

In Defense of Hannah Horvath

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Now entering its fifth (!!!) season, HBO’s GIRLS is still as refreshing and whip smart as its original premiere back in 2012. The sustained level of coolness is thanks in no doubt to the multi-talented Lena Dunham whose aloofness is a very admirable quality. The depicted storylines of the four main, well, girls, are ones that are so seldom seen on television, let alone premium cable. GIRLS is like a seedier, more urban Sex and the City, despite both shows being set in the same Gotham where dreams happen and are then typically broken. I concede that comparing SATC with GIRLS is like comparing apples to oranges, but they are indeed both equally acidic.

An Atypical Heroine

Getting On


How could EVERYONE in the entire world not be watching this show?! It’s like Nurse Jackie but more humble. Alex Borstein is a revelation as Dawn Forchette, the hard-working nurse who is as fundamentally effed up as the rest of us. And Niecy Nash as Didi? Wowsah.

While Laurie Metcalf will always most certainly be Aunt Jacki to me, her role as Jenna James makes you wonder how you could root for someone who is totally crazy.