2017 Film Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To.

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Just doing some Sunday morning research into 2017 book-to-film adaptations I’m excited for. Here are my top picks:



1963 ONE OF THE GIRLS Vintage Book Cover - Trashy Novel.JPG




It’s Too Darn Hot: All Day Drag 2016

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I love the summer, I really do. But you know what I like about the scorching heat? That heat that makes you feel like you just opened the oven door after an afternoon of marathon baking?  Well, I like the option of stepping into nice, cool air conditioned facilities whenever I want. I’m not a brute. I’ll walk all the way up to five minutes in order to receive said cooled environment.


SO when I heard that Pride Toronto was having an all-day drag event on July 2nd, 2016 to celebrate the festivities, I thought “Wow – what a great idea! I would love to see some of Rupaul’s Drag Race best contestants entertain me in their elaborate outfits and immaculate make up.” I said those words exactly. That was until I found out the event was going to be OUTDOORS. Yes, you read that right. No respite from the sure-to-be extreme heat that Toronto loves to throw up in the dead of summer.

More and More Gilmore Girls

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In preparation of the upcoming Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, I’ve undertaken the daunting task of watching the entire series from beginning to end. Unlike so many of my friends who watched the show when it first aired back in the early 2000’s, I stayed away from it. It wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t enjoy the immensely talented Lauren Graham or doe-eyed Alexis Bledel, it was just more of a “didn’t have the time to see it” type deal. So when I heard of the stand-alone 4-episode revival last year, I thought now was the perfect time to see for myself what all the buzz was about.Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-336905_1024_768

Now I haven’t seen the entire series yet, in fact, I’m just finishing up Season 2. There are 153 episodes, so with the right scheduling and  strategic decline of certain social engagement, I just might be all caught up when the redux premieres this fall. Here’s hoping.