13 Reasons to Watch the Stellar 13 Reasons Why

Random Musings

If you haven’t heard about this genre-breaking, brutally honesty tv show, then go please go back to living under your rock.

For you others, here’s my list of 13 reasons why you should watch this show, in no particular order:

  1. It’s Not For Teens: “13 Reasons” is far more complex then your average, run-of-the-mill, conveniently-timed teen show. Sure, it stars teens and is set predominantly in a high-school, but the themes are so adult that even that adults depicted in the show have a hard time handling them.
  2. The Acting is Incredible: Newcomers Katherine Langford as the ill-fated Hannah Baker and Dylan Minnette as the genuine but conflicted Clay, respectively, are revelations on the screen. Their sincerity goes a long, long way in terms of affectation.
  3. Sterotypes are Broken: Every character (And yes, there are many) are multi-dimensional and manage to avoid falling into the typically cardboard cut out depictions of teenagers.
  4. Dialogue is Real: When was the last time you watched a really good tv show that had dialogue that didn’t make you roll your eyes, but instead resonated within you? Exactly what I thought.
  5. The Adults are Wounded, Too: The adult characters in “13 Reasons” do not exist merely for disciplinary, preachy diatribes. In fact, it can be argued that they’re less complex than their kids, which turns the “Adults know better than you” trope on its head.
  6. References Galore: Have you seen “Say Anything?” No? Watch it and you’ll get another layer of satisfaction of watching this show. Trust me.
  7. Selena Gomez is not in it: I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.
  8. There are No Heroes: Sounds depressing, I know, but the entire show is one big depress-fest. I kind of liked that no one quite literally saved the day.
  9. Kate Walsh is in it! ‘Nuff said.
  10. So is Sosie Bacon.
  11. There Are Many Lessons: What I especially liked about this show is that the writers carefully avoided driving home lessons to the viewer. Yes, we understand suicide is a terrible thing to happen, but you probably knew this going into watching the show. What is masterfully succeeds at is reminding the viewer that we are all complicit in Hannah Baker’s death.
  12. It’s a Tough Suicide Scene: By the time the graphic scene of Hannah’s suicide is presented in the last episode, the viewer has already fallen in love with her. While we haven’t forgotten that she ultimately kills herself, it still makes the scene where she actually takes her life gut wrenching. You feel Hannah’s pain, both the physical and emotional tumult plaguing her, and yet we still watch it.
  13. It Might Start a Revolution: People are watching “13 Reasons Why”…and they are certainly talking about it for the right reasons. Isn’t that refershing? From the research I’ve conducted, there isn’t any idolization of the actors playing the roles, but instead a focus on the plot and character developments. Now that is the most important reason why to watch this show. You have to give kids credit – it’s not easy navgiating the teenage existence. Hopefully, with this one story, the radar for meanness is jacked up to its highest possible level.

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