Reading “Love’s Long Road”

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Nothing like an old-fashioned suicide to really mess up someone’s life? Am I right?

In G.D. Harper’s “Love’s Long Road”, the suicide of Bobbie Sinclair’s boyfriend leaves her in all kinds of despondency – and understandably so at that, especially given the fact that her now long-gone boyfriend blamed her for his final act. As a result, and only as a twenty-something can vow to do, Bobbie swears off love and decides to embrace a wanton lifestyle only in the PM hours. The ‘Day Time’ Bobbie is as boisterous and energetic as she was pre-suicide, but at night she turns into the epitome of debauchery.

As the reader continues through the book, it becomes very obvious that Bobbie cannot maintain this duality of existence, even if the book is set in the ‘anything goes’ sentiment of the 1970’s. Along her journey, Bobbie is thrown into some colorful situations, ranging from isolation to drug addiction, but author G.D. Harper eschews any propensity to making this just another story about a wayward girl on the arduous journey towards adulthood. Instead, alongside many cool cultural references of the 70’s, Harper craft a tale about the power of guilt and the long-lasting effects of young love.

Jason Tanamor’s “Drama Dolls”

Book Reviews

If you want to release a novel that maintains readers’ interests, it’d better have a LOT going on. Throw in a car chase, some crimes (both of the high and low kind), and some flawed heroes and you’ve got the key ingredients for modern fiction. Instead of losing his voice amongst conventions and familiarity, author Jason Tanamor puts a signature spin on a high-octane thriller and makes it both funny AND intense. Now that’s a combination that’s extremely rare these days.