Random Musings

Find me, I say, but my gaze is to the floor.

I’m disappointed with them yet I’m more disappointed with me.

Trust me, I think,  but I don’t know what trust means anymore.

It’s not what it was supposed to be.


Vestiges of guilt are seedlings ever growing.

I am beginning to question my true intents.

Tumult and pain comprise my all knowing.

But my words  come out as hollow laments.


It’s time to look at that faraway bright side.

If it takes all of my will then so it shall be.

I have hurt, loved, cherished, and lied.

But my soul will be forever free.


The shackles of life are temporary but tight,

To be aware is to loosen their hold.

But to love with abandon, and with all of my might,

Will guide me on my journey to the fields of gold.





A Review of the Sweet “Gingerbread” By Victor A. Davis

Book Reviews

Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions.  I keep my visions to myself.

Like the meaningful words sung by the legendary Fleetwood Mac, Victor A. DAvis’ “Gingerbread” is ethereal and born out of the dreams. Putting the essence of a dream into words is no easy task. In fact, it’s mostly an unsuccessful task. However, in Davis’ sinister reiteration of “Peter Rabbit”, it’s the chimerical imagery that makes this story better than your average re-imaginings.



The plot has two friends, Edgar and Arainy, entering a candy factory under the pretense to steal some sugary gold. Despite reservations, Arainy accepts her friends’ challenge to get her hands on this candy, despite the looming threat of the ever-present Candy Man. One does not want to get caught by this being for reasons you can only infer.


Instead of becoming a tale of warning against crime and the inevitability of comeuppance, Davis’ weaves themes of guilt and the propensity to inflict pain upon another. There’s commentary on humanity and the balances that fatalism can bring, but also a presentation of style by an author that clearly knows his way with words.

The “I Feel” Project

Random Musings

After a lovely late Friday afternoon conversation with my intuitive and charismatic friend Sonya, I felt inspired and creative. You see, our chat roamed between the realms of emotion and practicality. Our words played ping-pong with each other, harnessing energies within me that had seemingly gone dormant due to recent life circumstances. However, they’re awake now.

Without coming across as too preachy, I have to say with total truthfulness and honesty that we all wear masks in our every day lives, and it’s time they came off. We are only deceiving our authenticity, subverting its own evolution in lieu of the acquisition of tangible, materialistic things that are in and of themselves worthless. By donning the mask, we are succumbing to societal expectations of long-used roles and labels. If we continue to ornately costume our real identities with what we think others want to see us as, then our lives will undoubtedly be un-fulfilling on many levels.

That is why I’m starting something called the “I Feel” Project (#IFeel”). I want to be honest to myself, and along the way to this self-awareness and understanding of who I really am, I would love for others to partake and express themselves honestly and truly.

What I’m proposing is this. Once every day, doesn’t matter what time, I’m going to post a short Tweet, or a Facebook message, or a short blog post about how I FEEL at that moment. For 30 days, I’ll be posting a few simple words on how I feel. At the end of these 30 days I will be able to reflect on this short period of time in my life to recognize and triggers or trends, or revealing information on how I can attain my personal truth.

So join me on this little project on finding more about the amazing, unique, beautiful person that you are. #IFeel. Let’s kick off those masks and start showing the face that we have hidden under layers of emotion, tumult, and heartbreak. It’s time to show our beauty.

So today, I want to say “I Feel Lucky”.

Your turn.