Let the Sunshine In: A Review of Eric Henderson’s “Stranded in Sunshine”

Book Reviews

Weird AND funny? The perfect descriptive words for any novel, if you ask me. Eric Henderson’s “Stranded in Sunshine” is like Dawn of the Dead meets Fellini’s 8 1/2 – it’s super weird, provocative, a wee bit violent and a colorful commentary on modern society.


Twelve people find themselves in a closed shopping mall. Their goal? To rebuild society. Some of these characters already know each other quite well, some not so much. But what they all have in common is their desire to forge ahead and begin to build a society with honest principles and ideals. Don’t worry – this is not “Lord of the Flies” lite – it’s funny.

Because this is a novel, and because it’s fiction, the author has to devise a plot where ideals are subverted, dreams are dashed, and personalities are altered. Henderson, as an author, composes such relatable and realistic characters that the reader instantly can empathize and identify with their actions.

With each character expanded upon in each of the chapters, the author does not make “Stranded in Sunshine” a character study or essay on humanity in a post-apocalyptic world. Instead, he lightheartedly tells a story of the intent to achieve happiness and start anew in the one place where dreams can happen: the mall.


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