A Review of Ben Mariner’s Sublime “Apocalypse Wow”

Best of 2015

First and foremost, I love a good play on words. I also love Martin Scorcese, which is why I could not help but accept to review the magnificently titled, genre mash-up novel “Apocalypse Wow”.

As the title suggests, the novel is indeed set during the Apocalypse, whatever that may mean. The main character here is the simply titled Jack Winters. He’s an average dude – has a job he semi-enjoys and a group of friends that he likes to hang out with. Throw in an encounter with a woman he thinks may have been sent to him from his dreams and he’s one happy camper. However, as this is a piece of fiction that has to subvert and move a narrative forward that enthralls the reader, Jack awakens from his dream date to find out that the world has ended. Imagine waking up to that. And you thought hangovers were bad.

Apocalypse Wow

With his friends by his side, Jack and some newly acquired acquaintances, embark on a journey to be reunited with the woman of his dreams. Along the way, they naturally have to battle zombies, the four horseman of the Apocalypse itself, and the truest nature of evil. Sounds heavy, I know. But what author Ben Mariner does so deftly is he injects a humour in this tale where everything bad that could happen happens and all that the characters have left are ways to not succumb to the madness that has encapsulated the world in such a short while.

It’s quite genius that the author provides the reader with a recommend soundtrack per chapter. It makes the novel quite interactive and amusing. It’s a clever take on the heaviness that often accompanies books of this genre, not to mention the negative proverbial weight that tends to characterize these types of tales. Humour is indeed the only real way that sometimes cope with such awful, dire situations, and this is what’s expressed in Apocalypse Wow.

The novel literally has something for everyone. It’s funny and endearing, comical and evocative. It shows the true talent of an author that I hope goes on to create more works to share with the world. It would make for a great TV series.


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