Guest Feature: T.W. Malpass Covers “Frightfest” – The UK’s #1 Horror Film Festival

Guest posts, Halloween

We here at Reading Other People are so thankful and grateful for T.W. Malpass’s guest blog series highlighting his adventures at Frightfest. With Halloween just days away, it’s a perfect time to to feature Malpass’s reviews and experiences of the festival.

T.W. Malpass resides in Staffordshire in the North of England and is an author of horror and dark  fantasy fiction. His work is often noted for its social commentary and references to popular culture.  His love for horror dominates his life, and he can often be seen prowling the grounds of his local cemetery at night, searching for any poor soul who will listen to him recite the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. This guy’s a strange bird, but someone who instantly becomes your best friend when you need to win a movie quiz.

Currently, Malpass is due to release his prequel to the Fallen Gods trilogy, Fallen Gods: Origins, as well as a controversial, unnerving short story with a feminist tract, which combines FGM and reality TV.

He occasionally writes freelance articles and movie reviews and lives in his family home with his equally crazy dog, Biscuit.

When he’s not writing, you can find him here:

Or sometimes here:

Check us out tomorrow when we feature Malpass’s first guest blog.

Malpass and Kane Hodder - that's right, Jason Voohrees himself.

Malpass and Kane Hodder – that’s right, Jason Voohrees himself.

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