A Review of Margarita Felices’ “Judgement of Souls”

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Aren’t all the oldest female vampires usually depicted  as the most beautiful? In Margarita Felices’ Judgement of Souls, the typical portrayal of aged, female evil sticks to the vampire genre’s typical convention, but injects new blood into the genre. Felices’ portraiture of a female vampire protagonist attempts to subvert the genres staid conventions of gender representation with middling results.


Reviewing “Still Alice”

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I was slightly trepidatious to watch “Still Alice.” The apprehension was not because of Julianne Moore. In fact, I’d probably watch her reciting the phone book in a black and white film that’s especially dim in brightness. No, it was because of Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart.

As a film school graduate, I was constantly droned with the lesson that one cannot let their like or dislike of a certain actor deter them from watching a particular film. I mean, not everyone thought Vivien Leigh was the best choice to star in Gone With the Wind, and, well, we all know that one turned out.

Once I put my disdain for Baldwin and Stewart on the shelf, I decided to just focus on Moore in all of her glorious skills and talents as a purveyor of emotion, feeling, and depth. The film, which tackles a professor with early-onset Alzheimer’s, is not a melodrama about losing oneself to such a horrible disease of the mind. It’s actually a story about the power of family and the ferocity that love can bring to such a dire situation.


A Review of Monica Miller’s “Threads of Betrayal”

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Ok, I have to be real for a second. Historical Romance is not really my thing. I mean, I LOVED Gone with the Wind and I like Outlander well enough, but I sometimes find the genre a bit trite and heavily formulaic. However, reading Monica Miller’s Threads of Betrayal has caused a semi-shift in my thinking towards the popular genre. Avoiding the jargon that comprises so much the Outlanders of the world, Miller presents a refreshing take on love, happenstance, and survival.

Threads of Betrayal

Nobody Wants to Date You Because You’re a Dog! A Dog!

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It just struck me earlier this evening that I have not posted anything about my guiltiest of all guilty pleasure in the universe of guilt….Teen Witch!

Please tell me you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube or whatever fine viewing sites one uses these days.

It’s the perfect story of girl likes boy, girl finds out she’s a witch and puts a spell to make boy like her, and girl finds out true love is better than what magic can cast. No – It’s not a spoiler. It’s a fantastic film with annoying little brothers, nerdy best friends, very blonde popular girls, and the amazing Zelda Rubenstein as a psychic.

And meet the newest phrase that will be introduced to your vocabulary starting right now –  Top That!

But the best part? The soundtrack. I guarantee you that you will have “Never Gonna Be The Same Again” in your head for months. It’s the movie that keeps on giving…

A Review of Brandon Tackett’s “Fool’s Journey”

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Harkening back to the days of when serial radio shows were the standard of entertainment, Brandon Tackett’s Fool’s Journey acts as a throwback to when imagination was encouraged instead of provided. While it’s certainly easier to reiterate the repetition of formulas that comprise much urban fantasy fiction of today, only a true author, in my humble opinion, can provoke the reader to imaginatively conjure up a story for themselves.
The short story itself is succinct and effective in it’s purpose. Our psychic protagonist, Kassidy Hawthorn, is simple in her motivation. She wants to catch the killer who is seemingly murdering women who look like Kassidy. Straightforward, right? However, as her journey unfolds, Kassidy finds herself entangles with otherworldly entities. It’s the perfect fusion of reality and the magical.
A build-up to future episodes in the series, Fool’s Journey is wry and smart. Like some of my favorite works, there’s a constant internal monologue within the protagonists mind, demonstrating Kassidy’s tenacity for attaining her goal. Replete with characters whom I’m sure will figure prominently in future installments, Fool’s Journey is a promising start to a new, creative series by Mr. Brandon Tackett.

The Blazer Search Continues

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On my seemingly endless journey towards finding the perfect blazer, I’ve done some crazy amounts of research. I know the theoretical principles on what defines a ‘good fit’ and what trends and styles to avoid. But you know what? That has not made the acquisition of my goal any easier. Sure, I’ve had mediocre blazers, the best being from Zara. I’ve had cord blazers from Urban Outfitters, but I’m sad to say I just don’t fit their demographic anymore. As much as I loved Kurt Cobain and NWA, I don’t need a deconstructed t-shirt emblazoned with the aforementioned faces in order to assert my style sense.

He has a blazer. Why can't I find one?

Masculinity and the changing role of style

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Lions And Wardrobes


Fasten your seatbelts and put on your big boy pants because I’m about to get meta as shit on you. I’ve decided to take a break from the usual news, advice and the usual slobbering over obscure fashion labels to bring you some real talk. Now, before I begin I should clarify all of my points with a disclaimer: despite knowing a thing or two about clothes I am first and foremost an idiot and you should take what I say with a pinch of salt, I’ve done absolutely no research above my observations (research is for nerds) and if you want to learn more about anything I’ve said then I urge to go and read some books on the subjects that have been written by people who aren’t as facile as myself.

The world is changing and society is changing with it, mostly I believe for the better. We…

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Enter The Battlefield

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The Fashion Samaritan

Fashion loves a fight, whether it is pinning designers like Roberto Cavlli and Donatella Versace against each other or ganging up and predicting the demise of a top model like Kate Moss, fashion just loves to see a fight all because we love a survival story. And if there ever was a time

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