A Divine Evening With Miss M


Upon first learning that the one and only Bette Midler was going to perform in Toronto there was no hesitance in knowing that we would go. How could we pass up the opportunity to visit the legendary woman who starred in everyone’s favorite films like Beaches (sniff, sniff) and The Rose.

I’m happy to say that Ms. Midler did not fail to deliver nearly two hours worth of hits and covers and a general feeling of adoration and gratitude. With a backdrop such as this….

Bette Backdrop we knew that we would be in for a show of grandiose imagery, dramatics, and a voracious display of pure talent…and that’s what we got.

Starting with a few songs from her new album “It’s the Girls,” Bette soon delved into her timeless repertoire of hits. Among the crowd pleasers were obviously “The Wing Beneath My Wings” and “The Rose,” but also other gems like “From a Distance” and the gut-wrenchingly emotional “Stay With Me.”

A true showgirl, Bette graced the enthusiastic crowd with two encores where she showed her genuine gratitude to the audience who have helped her maintain success in the fickle industry that is show business. I was in awe not only at her raw vocal prowess, but it was her ability to keep the thousands of people riveted from song to song.

We had incredible seats to take in the spectacle, and a spectacle it was.

 Floor Seats!

Floor Seats!

The Rose

Bye, Bette!

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