Solid Bones: A Review of Magnus Hansen’s “Rickety Bones”

Book Reviews

I’m always up for a read where the author proclaims his or her work touches upon necromancy, the search for enlightenment, and philosophy. Magnus Hansen’s Rickety Bones acts as a primer for prosaic visits to topics often not part of mainstream culture, especially in the literary world.

While not exactly a self-help book (especially considering Hansen is a self-proclaimed practioner of the dark arts), Rickety Bones almost acts as a stream of consciousness narrative where the subject matter discussed veers off the beaten path of common fiction. Contentious topics about the quest for love, the meaning of life, and how to raise zombies are tackled with a strangely soothing voice that is gracious in its detailed explanations.

Rickety Bones is a rarity. It’s the work of fresh voiced author who is very aware that the context of his book will not necessarily appeal to the reading masses. Hansen bravely and succinctly tells a story that is not altogether unlike reading a manual on how to achieve happiness. It’s a provocative and engaging read, and even if it’s not for the faint of heart, its certainly for those daring readers who enjoy taking a chance.

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