American Gods

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So I’m a little late on the Neil Gaiman train. There was some chatter that the powers that be in Hollywood were contemplating making American Gods into a TV series. Don’t know how well that would go over seeing as the plot intricacies and mythologies make Buffy the Vampire Slayer look like Two and a Half Men (and not in a good way – Sorry, Ashton).

All told, I’m very much enjoying the read. The story is a little less contrived and complicated then The Stand (I love Stephen King – don’t get me wrong, but I needed a legend to know who was who in that book) but just as powerful and evocative. Mr. Wednesday is maniacally brilliant, and Shadow is the true epitome of the anti-protagonist.

Stay tuned!


Getting On


How could EVERYONE in the entire world not be watching this show?! It’s like Nurse Jackie but more humble. Alex Borstein is a revelation as Dawn Forchette, the hard-working nurse who is as fundamentally effed up as the rest of us. And Niecy Nash as Didi? Wowsah.

While Laurie Metcalf will always most certainly be Aunt Jacki to me, her role as Jenna James makes you wonder how you could root for someone who is totally crazy.

Turning Pages

Random Musings

It’s a very, very strange feeling to know that the words that I have written are now being read by at least 50+ people. I really hope people enjoy the world of Darcy Platt and can relate to her in some way.  My intent was not to gain accolades or recognition for writing a book and so I’m not too concerned with how it will go over…but I am human, and criticism is never something that’s easy to take. Whoever says it is easy to take is most certainly a certifiable, pathological liar.